Gun Control System

Various systems have been used to control large guns’ fire and targeting since the inventions of technologies like radar. Generally, it is not one singular system but several components working together: usually consisting of a computer processing the gun’s data, a fire-director, and radar system.

The two consoles displayed are the SPG 48 Tracking Radar system and the Gunar Fire Control Computer, which are used to control and aim 3”50 and 3”70 guns. The technology of these devices dates to the 1950s and 1960s, before the advent of digital computing. In a Gunar system such as these, automatic tracking signals work in sequence developed by the radar equipment when it is locked on a target. As the mount moves to track the target, the antenna responds to the Gunnar system computing circuits which offset the antenna axis from the gun axis by its calculated angles. 

Under optimum conditions, radar set SPG-48 has a reliable acquisition range of 24,000 yards (almost 22 kilometres). Accurate tracking is possible down to 1 degree above the surface of the ocean as viewed by the radar. 

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