HMCS Snowberry

A Flower-class corvette originally built for the Royal Navy in 1940, she was transferred to the RCN on 15 May 1941. She was one of ten corvettes loaned to Canada by the British. Snowberry was easily distinguishable from the other Corvettes as she lacked minesweeping gear and the siting of the after-gun tub amidships. In September 1942 she was placed under American control, escorting New York-Guantanamo convoys until March 1943. She served as a convoy escort to multiple locations including Iceland, Trinidad, Aruba, Guantanamo, Gibraltar, and the Azores. On 20 November 1943 she assisted with the sinking of U-Boat U-536 while working as an escort to a UK – Gibraltar/Freetown convoy north of the Azores.

She was returned to the Royal Navy on 8 June 1945 and later sunk as a target vessel before being salvaged for scrap.

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