HMCS Drumheller

A Flower-class corvette commissioned on 13 September 1941, HMCS Drumheller sailed in convoys to Iceland and Londonderry – on 6 February 1942 she was one of the first Canadian ships to arrive in the latter port.

She served almost continuously from April 1942 to April 1944, during which time she helped sink U-753 and U-456 on 13 May 1943 (collaborated with HMS Lagan and Sunderland aircraft, U-456 took a fatal hit and tried to dive to evade capture, sinking and taking its whole crew with it), and survived the hectic September 1943 convoy ON.202/ONS.18 in which six merchant vessels and three escort ships were lost.  

In April 1944 she was allocated to Western Approaches Command, Greenock, Scotland, for invasion duties and escorted local British convoys in UK coastal waters until the end of the war, returning to Canada in mid-May 1945. She was paid off on 11 July 1945 and broken up four years later in 1949 in Hamilton, ON.

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