HMCS Chicoutimi

A Flower-class corvette commissioned on 12 May 1941; the Chicoutimi was named for the Quebec town of the same name. She served as a convoy escort, first with the Sydney Force and then, from September 1941, with Newfoundland Command, sailing between St. John’s and Iceland, and later to Londonderry. 

In 1942, she joined the Western Local Escort Force, which mostly protected coastal convoys in the western Atlantic, and served there until August 1944, when she joined the Nova Scotia RCN base, HMCS Cornwallis, as a training ship. She filled this role until April 1945, when she rejoined Sydney Force for the remainder of the war, eventually being paid off in June of that year. She was one of the few corvettes to survive the war with a short forecastle.

This model was built by Bruce LeCren, whose father, Joseph Macioli, served on the Chicoutimi in 1943 while it was a part of Escort Group W-1.

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