HMCS Wallaceburg J336 (172)

An Algerine-class minesweeper, HMCS Wallaceburg was commissioned on 18 November 1943 and served with Western escort forces, including a brief stint as Escort Group W-6’s Senior Officer’s ship in April 1944. In the summer of 1945, she was attached to HMCS Cornwallis for training. Shortly after, she was placed in reserve.

She was paid off on 7 October 1946, but re-commissioned for cadet training on 1 November 1950. After summers on the Great Lakes in 1956 and 1957, she was paid off on 24 September 1957 and eventually transferred to the Belgian Navy on 31 July 1959 to serve as Georges Lecointe, where she served for another ten years until 1969.

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