HMCS Algonquin - R17 (224)

A British-built V-Class Destroyer grouped with the Canadian Tribal class; she was originally laid down as HMS Valentine but was commissioned into the RCN instead on 17 February 1944.

As part of the 26th Destroyer Flotilla at Scapa Flow with her sister HMCS Sioux, she helped escort attacks in 1944 on the German battleship Tirpitz and against German shipping and convoys off Norway. She participated in D-Day, bombarding shore targets on the Normandy coast, and on 22 August 1944, when HMS Nabob was torpedoed, the Algonquin rescued 203 of her company.

She was paid off and put into reserve on 6 February 1946 but recommissioned after modernization renovations on 25 February 1953. She was one of 12 RCN ships that took part in NATO Exercise New Broom Eleven, an exercise designed to test convoy protection tactics, in April 1963, and in October was hit by a severe North Atlantic storm with four other RCN ships in another NATO exercise.
She was paid off for the last time on 1 April 1970 and broken up in Taiwan in 1971.

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