HMCS Swift Current - J254

A Bangor-class minesweeper, she was commissioned 11 November 1941 and performed anti-submarine work in Pictou, Halifax, and with Gaspé Force. The Bangor-class were built to replace the older Basset-class minesweepers as they were larger, faster and burned oil instead of coal. 
Following a major refit at Lunenburg in February 1944, she was transferred to the Newfoundland Force until June 1945. After this, she performed miscellaneous duties until she was paid off on 23 October 1945 and placed in reserve. 

Though she was re-acquired by the RCN in 1951 because of the Korean War, she was not recommissioned. On 29 March 1958 she was transferred to the Turkish Navy and renamed Bozcaada, where she remained in service until 1971.

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