HMCS Prince Robert - F56

The Prince Robert had the most conversions during the war. Originally a high-speed coastal ferry, she then became a cruise ship shortly before the war, and through the war was used as an AMC, aircraft carrier, and a refugee transport vessel before it finally circled back to luxury use post-war. Most of her time was spent ferrying Canadian soldiers and airmen to Hong Kong to protect from the Japanese invasion.

Purchased in December 1939, and commissioned on 31 July 1940, she was named after Robert B. Teakle, a vice-president of Canadian National Railway. She left for patrol off Mexico and Peru mid-September 1940. On 25 September 1940, she intercepted and captured German supply ship M.S Weser. On 15 December 1940, she left Peru for Australia, serving as an escort for a Canadian-bound convoy and remained active in the South Pacific until 28 July 1941 when she left Auckland for Easter Island to investigate reports of a Japanese supply ship in the area, arriving back in Esquimalt on 24 August 1941 for a refit. 

The following year, in August 1942, she was placed under USN control for duty in the Aleutian Isles until her arrival back in Esquimalt on 4 November 1942. 

On 2 January 1943 she was paid off, then converted to an aircraft carrier and recommissioned on 7 June 1943, serving to escort ships in the Mediterranean.

On 4 July 1945, she left Esquimalt in service of the British Royal Fleet and arrived in Hong Kong on 31 August 1945 to free Canadian POWs. Her captain represented Canada in the surrendering ceremonies on 16 September 1945. Prince Robert returned to Canada on 20 October 1945 with repatriated Canadian prisoners, and was paid off shortly after on 10 December 1945, and sold three years later.

After the war, she was bought by an Italian luxury line and served until 1962, when she was broken up.

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