HMCS Mackenzie - 261

The Mackenzie was the namesake and first ship completed of the Mackenzie-class destroyer escorts. Commissioned on 6 October 1962, she was named after a Canadian river like others in her class, specifically the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories.

Beginning her career based out of Halifax, she sailed for the West Coast on 2 March 1963 and spent the remainder of her life in Pacific waters. Over 30 years of service she visited 96 foreign ports and travelled 845,640 nautical miles (more than 1.5 million kilometres).

Notable episodes in her career include her Far East cruise with HMCS Yukon, Provider, and Terra Nova in May 1970, a reported million-dollar drug seizure after crew members boarded and seized MV Marysville on 30 June 1973, and her Destroyer Life Extension (DELEX) refit from 25 May 1986 – 16 January 1987 to improve her effectiveness against Soviet submarines and to continue operations with NATO.

She was paid off on 3 August 1993, and on 16 September 1995 was sunk off the coast of Rum Island, BC as an artificial reef, doubling as a sport diver’s venue.

The equipment exhibited was originally in the Mackenzie’s wheelhouse, which was similar to the WWII-era wheelhouse in this museum, albeit more modern.

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